About Us

Constable & Co Australian Opal Specialists

Based in Winton, Queensland we have close access to “Opalton”, the historic and most productive Boulder Opal field in Australia with a rich history of opal mining and some of the most spectacular opal stone ever discovered.   
Mike is currently on the Executive Committee of the Queensland Boulder Opal Association which is tasked with promoting the Australian Boulder Opal and in 2021, the development of the Opalton Exhibition and Visitors Centre, a world class facility being constructed in the Australian outback. Constable and Co deals with Queensland Natural Stone. Constable and Co are Dealers in Australian Opal Established since 1985.


The company originated as Colonial Opal, trading Opal, Pearl and Precious Gems starting in the early 1980s. We have a long proven history of Honesty, Integrity and Service in the supply of Australian Opal. Experience has been gathered in all levels and operations within the Opal Industry, starting in the wholesale and export gemstone and jewellery trade within Australia and Internationally, through owning and operating Opal specialist stores in Australia and New Zealand, all the while being involved in the mining, cutting and valuing of all varieties of Australian Opal. The business has recently been joined by family members, taking part in its operation ensuring a continued expertise in the industry to recognise this the company has changed its name in 2018 to Constable and Co.